10th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2013
April 24-26, 2013
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California

Special Documents
Keynote Presentation: The NSF CubeSat ProgramTherese Moretto JorgensenNational Science Foundation
Keynote Presentation: Key Technical Challenges for ExplorationJason CrusanNASA
Paper: A Survey Of CubeSat Communication Systems: 2009-2012Bryan Klofas and Kyle LevequeSRI International
ITU Radio Regulations and Frequency registration for small satellite missions (DVD)Atilla MatasInternational Telecommunications Union
Ground Stations for NanoSatellites Workshop
IntroductionAndy KleshJet Propulsion Laboratory
CubeSat Communication Systems 2003-2013: A Historical LookBryan KlofasSRI International
GENSO: Past and PresentConner LangeCal Poly
Lessons Learned through Operations with a Federated Ground Station NetworkJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
Wallops CubeSat-SmallSat Ground Stations and Frequency StandardizationScott SchaireNASA Wallops Flight Facility
Nanosatellite Communications at MITKerri CahoyMIT
Ground Station SurveyRemco SchoemakerJPL/Delft University of Technology
Commercial Ground Station OptionsBryan KlofasSRI International
"High Data-Rate" Communications for DICEJake GuntherUtah State University
Deep Space NetworkCourtney DuncanJet Propulsion Laboratory
MC3Jim HorningNaval Postgraduate School
Communications Exchange for Research and Experimental Satellites (CERES)Working GroupN/A
Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Session 1: Education and Design Philosophy
OPEN and OpenOrbiter: a Needs-Responsive Solution for the Small Satellite CommunityJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
A Proposed Method for CubeSat Mission Risk AnalysisKatharine BrumbaughUT Austin
Implementation of SDM-Lite for Space Plug and Play Avionics (SPA) CubeSatsChris MitchellUniversity of Kentucky
CubeSat Thermal Testbed (CTTB)Jerami MartinPumpkin, Inc
Improving CubeSat CommunicationsNestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited Inc.
Strategies for Rapid Design and Development of ALLSTAR-1 Ground SegmentVignesh MuralidharanColorado Space Grant Consortium
To Space and Back in 9 MonthsDan SaldanaValley Christian High School
Session 2: University Missions
The CzechTechSat - A Space-Friendly CubeSat-Class PicosatelliteJaroslav LaifrCzech Technical University in Prague
Inter-satellite Laser Ranging for Geodesy, Formation Flying, and Fundamental Physics in SpaceKarthik BalakrishnanStanford University
High Reliability CubeSat Software with SPARK/AdaCarl S. BrandonVermont Technical College
CubeSat Deformable Mirror DemonstrationKerri CahoyMIT
DragonSat-1 Ready for LaunchJin KangU.S. Naval Academy
A Model for the Development of the C&DH of the Mission Libertad 2Claudio Marcel Hernandez CalderonSergio Arboleda University
SNAPS - A Novel Imaging NanosatelliteAndrew KalmanStanford University
Lessons Learned through Operations with a Federated Ground Station NetworkJohn C. SpringmannUniversity of Michigan
CP9 - StangSat Systems OverviewAdam DarleyPolySat
Dynamics and Control Design for the Drag-free CubeSatAnh NguyenUniversity of Florida
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Session 3: Science Missions
Space Environmental NanoSatellite Experiment (SENSE)Alejandro LeviUSAF Space and Missile Systems Center
JPL Does CubeSatsAnthony FreemanJet Propulsion Laboratory
Microsized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite(MicroMAS)Kerri CahoyMIT
NASA Warming up to CubeSats for Science and TechnologyDavid M. KlumparNASA Science Mission Directorate
Proximity Operations Nano-Satellite Flight Demonstration OverviewScott MacGillivrayTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
Overview of NASA GSFC CubeSat ActivitiesTom FlatleyNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
ELFIN: Electron Losses and Fields InvestigationRyan CaronUCLA
The KECK Institute Study Program on Small Satellites: A Revolution in Space ScienceCharles D. NortonJet Propulsion Laboratory
Multi-Purpose Avionics Core Element (M-PACE): Using Advanced Manufacturing to Rapidly Develop CubeSat Subsystems and ComponentsElwood AgasidNASA Ames Research Center
CYGNSS: The Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System's CubeSat FoundationsJohn DickinsonSouthwest Research Institute
Small Spacecraft Technology ProgramBruce YostNASA Space Technology Mission Directorate
Session 4: Launch Capibilities, Testing, and Simulation
ELaNa - Education Launch of NanoSatellite, Still Moving Forward!Garrett SkrobotNASA Launch Services Program
Spaceflight OverviewAdam HadallerSpaceflight, Inc.
NROL-36/OUTSat Impacts/Lessons LearnedDave CallenNRO/OSL
Mission Design Challenges for Multi-Manifest MissionsGregory KehrlAthena/Lockheed Martin
CubeSat Attitude Determination and Control Study and RealizationWilliam D. McGinnisAuburn University
Interorbital's NEPTUNE Dedicated SmallSat Launcher: 2013 Test Milestones and Launch Manifest UpdateRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
High Altitude Launch Services for Demonstration Nano-SatellitesJohn GarveyGarvey Spacecraft Corporation
Force Limited Vibration Testing on NPSCuL - What to Expect When You're Expecting to FlyWenschel Lan and Vidur KaushishNaval Postgraduate School
Small Satellite Deployment from ISSRichard PournelleNanoRacks
ESPA CubeSat Accommodations and Qualification of 6U Mount (SUM)Joe MalyMoog CSA Engineering
Achievements in Developing and Advanced Standard for CubeSatsRyan WilliamsPlanetary Systems Corporation
CubeSat Standard UpdatesJustin CarnahanCal Poly CubeSat Program
Friday, April 26, 2013
Session 5: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
Innovative Solutions for a Low Cost CubeSat DevelopmentN. BelliniUniversity of Bologna - Spacemind
Unix Space Server (USS) ProjectSamuel Noah SipeUnited States Naval Academy
A Fault-Tolerant On-Board Computer For CubeSat Based-On Hybrid ArchitectureJeremy DelaporteInstitut Superieur des Sciences Et Techniques (INSSET)
Spacecraft-on-Demand POP443: a Prepositioned Orbiting Spacecraft Printer CubeSat/NanoLabMichael JohnsonJA
The Aerodynamic End Of Life Deorbit System (AEOLDOS) ModuleRobin SampsonClyde Space Ltd
Interplanetary NanoSpacecraft Pathfinder In a Relevant Environment (INSPIRE)Andrew KleshJet Propulsion Laboratory
Computational Design of a Miniaturized Microstrip Antenna Focused on Cube SatellitesDamian Andres Campo CaicedoEAFIT University
Use of a Commercial Product for an SSTV Camera DevelopmentCyrille DromasInstitut Superieur des Sciences Et Techniques (INSSET)
A Distributed Command and Data Handling Architecture for KYSat-2Jason RexroatUniversity of Kentucky
Useful Earth Observation with Nanosatellite PlatformsJoost ElstakISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space
Session 6: Communication and Power
ITU Radio Regulations Related to Small SatellitesAtilla MatasInternational Telecommunications Union
Design Optimization of a Solar Panel Angle and its Application to CubeSat CADREDae Young LeeUniversity of Michigan
CubeSat and SmallSat LicensingJim WhiteColorado Satellite Services
Do We Have an ITAR Problem? A Review of the Implications of ITAR and Title VII on Small Satellite ProgramsJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
Using the Allen Telescope Array for CubeSat CommunicationsKyle Leveque and Cecile MackaySRI International
Survey of CubeSat Communications: 2009-2012Bryan KlofasSRI International

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