9th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2012
April 18-20, 2012
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Keynote Presentation: Office of Space LaunchLt Col Guy MathewsonNRO
Keynote Presentation: OSL Atlas V Aft Bulkhead Carrier & Operationally Unique Technologies SatelliteMaj Travis WillcoxAdvanced Programs Division, NRO
The Future of CubeSatsDr. Jordi Puig-SuariCal Poly State University
Session 1: Science Missions
The QB50 Project Ruedeger Reinhard Von Karman Institute
Applications of NanoSatellites to Small-Body ExplorationAndrew KleshNASA JPL
Interplanetary CubeSat Architecture MissionsRob StaehleNASA JPL
Space Environmental NanoSat Experiment (SENSE)Capt Paul La TourUSAF SMC/XR
Overview of Proximity Operations Missions Relevant to NanoSatsScott MacGillivray Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
A Role for Cubesats in a Multi-Tier Exploration / Reconnaissance ArchitectureJeremy Straub University of North Dakota
On-orbit Performance of the RAX-2 CubeSatJohn Springmann University of Michigan
Session 2: University Missions
Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations (GENSO)Craig Kief COSMIAC & Cal Poly
IPEX: Maximizing 1U Payload PotentialEric StantonCal Poly State University
Design, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Attitude Determination and Control system of ICUBENaqvi Najam AbbasNorthwestern Polytechnical University
Libertad 2: Towards the Consolidation of the Colombian Aerospace AgeGustavo Puerto Universidad Sergio Arboleda
UNICubeSAT-GG: The First CubeSat from the University of RomaChantal Cappelletti GAUSS
The M-Cubed/Cove Mission: From Launched to Docked?Matt BennettNASA JPL
The On-Orbit Performance of HRBE (Explorer-1 [Prime])David M. Klumpar Montana State University
The Cosmic X-Ray Background NanoSat Pre-FlightTyler Rose Morehead State University
Thursday, April 19, 2012
Session 3: Education, Design Philosophy
AFRL University Nanosat Program (UNP)Lt Kelly AlexanderAFRL
Achieving Educational Outcomes Through CubeSat Curriculum IncorporationJeremy StraubUniversity of North Dakota
PhoneSat 2.0Elwood F. AgasidNASA Ames
Open Source Satellite InitiativeHojun SongOpen Source Satellite Initiative
Highly Integrated Design Approach for High Performance CubeSatsAustin WilliamsTyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC
The Business Ecosystem of NanosatellitesPeter PlatzerInternational Space University
Designers Gone WildAndrew KalmanPUMPKIN, Inc
Session 4: Launch Capabilities, Testing, and Simulation
ElaNa: Making it Happen!Garrett SkrobotNASA KSC
Interorbital's N9 Rocket: Test Program, Schedule, and Launch Manifest UpdateRanda MillironInterorbital Systems
ULA Rideshare UpdateJake SzatkowskiUnited Launch Alliance
CubeStack: CubeSat Space AccessJoe MalyMoog CSA Engineering
Suborbital Flight Opportunities for CubeSat-Class Experiments Aboard NLV Test FlightsChristopher BostwickGarvey Spacecraft Corporation
EDDE: Custom CubeSat Orbit Delivery--Without Dedicated LaunchJoe CarrollTether Applications Inc.
Low-Energy Transfers for Expanding the Orbital Regime of CubeSat MissionsEric TranDrexel University
Access to SpaceJoost ElstakISIS
Smart Nanosatellite Attitude Propagator (SNAP 2.0)Samir RawashdehUniversity of Kentucky
Off-the-Shelf Deployable Solar Panels for CubeSatsCraig ClarkClyde Space
Panel Discussion: CubeSat Operations
Introduction: CubeSat Mission OperationsBruce YostNASA Ames
Mobile CubeSat Command and ControlJim NewmanNaval Postgraduate School
A University-Based Ground Station: The 21 m Antenna at Morehead State UniversityBen MalphrusMorehead State University
Quick Thoughts on CubeSat OperationsJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
NSF CubeSat High-Speed Downlink Communications Meeting
Introduction and AgendaBryan KlofasSRI International
CubeSat Issues: Where Are We?Andrew CleggNational Science Foundation
DICE Telemetry Overview and Current StatusJacob GuntherUtah State University
RAX-2 On-Orbit Communication PerformanceJames CutlerUniversity of Michigan
Comm Status: The Dual-CubeSat FIREBIRD MissionEhson MoslehMontana State University
CINEMA Communication System Overview and NTIA lessons learnedPascal Saint-HilaireUniversity of California, Berkeley
CSSWE COM SystemScott PaloUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
CADRE CommunicationsDamen ProvostUniversity of Michigan
ExoCube Radio PlansBrian TubbCal Poly State University
Friday, April 20, 2012
Session 5: Communications and Power
Making CubeSat Communications Mission Flexible and Provide Schedule ReliefKevin BrownAstroDev
Using an Autonomous Ground Station to Aid in Community OutreachTyler HughesUniversity of Alabama Huntsville
Software Defined Radio (SDR) Based Communication Downlinks for CubeSatsNestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited, Inc.
Innovative Plug-and-Play Battery Charging System to Maximize Overall Electrical Power System Efficiency in 1U and 2U CubeSats Matt RodencalUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville
Enhanced Power System for CubeSatsAndrew KalmanPUMPKIN, Inc.
Simulation of CubeSat energy systems for evaluation of power interfacesJesus GonzalesUniversidad Sergio Arboleda
Next Generation Power SystemsJulien HennequinISIS
TechEdSat - CubeSat Technology demonstration mission featuring Plug-and-play and radiation hardened electronicsFredrik BruhnAAC Microtec
CubeSat Frequency AllocationBryan KlofasSRI International
Session 6: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
Low Power Magnetic Attitude Control System for a CubeSatJesse FreyAlaska Space Grant Program
Photodiode Placement & Algorithms for CubeSat Attitude DeterminationJohn Springmann University of Michigan
Peregrine: A deployable solar imaging CubeSat missionC1C Samantha LatchUnited Space Air Force Academy
Electric Propulsion System for CubeSats - Hardware, Test Results and Current Development ActivitiesCraig ClarkClyde Space
RE-ENTSAT, An Atmospheric Triple Unit Re-Entry CubeSatGilles BailetVon Karman Institute
The Drag-Free CubeSatAndreas ZoellnerStanford University
Aerodynamic Package for a CubeSatJason CarrollDrexel University

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