8th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop, 2011
April 20-22, 2011
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, California

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Opening CommentsJordi Puig-SuariCubeSat
Event Sponsor WelcomeScott MacGillivrayBoeing
Keynote PresentationCol. Carol P. WelschDoD Space Test Program
Session 1: Science Missions
Orbital Debris Mitigation through Artifically Concentrated Plasma FieldsEric TranDrexel University
ExoplanetSat: A Nanosatellite Space Telescope for Detecting Transiting Exoplanets Matthew W. SmithMassachusetts Institute of Technology
New COTS EPS and Software Technologies Utilized for the NSF FIREBIRD MissionEhson MoslehMontana State University - SSEL
Build a CubeSat Overnight and Put it in Any Orbit Jim WhiteColorado Satellite Services
An Evaluation of CubeSat Orbital Decay Kyle Leveque & Dan OltroggeSRI International & 1Earth Research
Session 2: University Missions
Operational Missions in the Demanding Environments of SpaceRobert BurtUtah State University
The Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX) - Initial Mission ReportJames Cutler & Hasan BahcivanSRI International & University of Michigan
SMC/XR SENSE Demonstration and NanoSat EffortPeter MastroU.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center
Valley Christian High School ISS CubeLab Plant Growth Experiment Dan Saldana & StudentsValley Christian High School
OPAL - A Compact Instrument for High Resolution Profiling of the Atmospheric Limb Alan B. MarchantUtah State University
ITU pSAT II ADCS: Getting Ready for LaunchElgiz BaskayaIstanbul Technical University
CubeLabs and Access to Space Aboard the ISSJason Rexroat & James LumppUniversity of Kentucky
Relative Navigation, Timing and Data Communications for CubeSat Clusters Nestor VoronkaTethers Unlimited
The Dynamic Ionosphere CubeSat Experiment Erik StrombergUtah State University
Thursday, April 21, 2011
Keynote PresentationAmanda MitskevichNASA LSP
Session 3: Launch Capabilities, Testing & Simulation
An Improved Measurement of the Diffuse X-Ray Background: The Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosat (CXBN) Tyler RoseMorehead State University
FlyMate - Advanced Nanosatellite Deployer Stanislaw StarzewskiNovaNano S.A.S.
ELaNa - Educational Launch of Nanosatellite (ElaNa) Project StatusGarrett SkrobotNASA Launch Services Program
Developing the Explorer-1 PRIME Satellite for NASA’s ELaNa CubeSat Launch ProgramDavid M. KlumparMontana State University - SSEL
DoD Space Test ProgramLt Charlie Galliand & Lt Colin FinkDoD Space Test Program
Atlas V Aft Bulkhead Carrier (ABC) OverviewCapt Travis G. WillcoxNRO OSL/APD
Session 4: Education & Design Philosophy
Ukube-1, the First CubeSat for the UK Space AgencySteve GreenlandClyde Space Ltd.
The Role of Education Projects for Future Space Science and Technology Prof. Robert TwiggsMorehead State University
KySat-1 Initial Flight Results and Lessons Learned Daniel ErbUniversity of Kentucky
The TEXAS Satellite Design Laboratory: An Overview of Our Current Projects Dr. E. Glenn LightseyUniversity of Texas, Austin
HUMSATFernando Aguado AgeletUniversity of Vigo
Software Frameworks for Rapid Mission Development Lars Krogh AlmindeGomSpace
Lessons Learned from the First Wave of Common- Architecture CubeSats Andrew Kalman & Rob CallPumpkin, Inc.
Session 5: Future Potential
Paradigm-Changing CubeSat Devices Enabling New MissionsTomas SvitekStellar Exploration
Deploying a Pico-Sat from a CubeSat: the Peruvian PUCP-SAT-1, A&BJorge HeraudPontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Project of Lithuanian Nano-Satellite Domantas BrucasSpace Science and Research Institute
CubeSats for Key Technology Demonstration to be Launched Together with the QB50 NetworkJean MuylaertVon Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Navigating a CubeSat to the Moon Dr. Carl S. Brandon Vermont Technical College
Friday, April 22, 2011
Keynote PresentationBrian BjeldeSpaceX
Session 6: Subsystems/Payloads/Deployables
PolySat's Next Generation Avionics Design Greg ManyakPolySat
MR SATChantal CappellettiG.A.U.S.S.-University of Rome Sapienza
Microgravity Deployment Test of an MMOD Impact Screen Nicolas LeeStanford University (SSDL/SESS)
A Low Power Processor for CubeSat MissionsDavid GuzmanNASA GSFC
CubeSat Data Management System Gavin SmithUniversity of Alabama, Huntsville
Design of the On-Board Computer of the Belgian OUFTI-1 CubeSat Sebastien De DijckerUniversity of Liege
Trailblazer: Proof of Concept CubeSat Mission for SPA-1 Brian Zufelt and Craig KiefCosmiac
Adapting the RocketCam Digital Video Controller Avionics Unit to be a P-POD Deployment/Monitoring Unit Riki Munakata & Rex RidenoureEcliptic
CubeSat High-speed Downlink CommunicationsBryan KlofasSRI International
Session 7: Communication & Power
Miniature Deployable High Gain Antennas for CubeSatsScott MacGillivrayBoeing Phantom Works
HYPERCUBE Ian RobinsonRaytheon
GENSO UpdateConnor LangePolySat
Assessing and Optimizing Communication Network Capacity Sara SpangeloUniversity of Michigan
A Miniaturized Communication System for CubeSats Tyler Burba & Kevin BrownAstrodev
Power Budgets for CubeSat Mission SuccessCraig ClarkClyde Space Ltd.
An Affordable, Efficient 1U CubeSat Electrical Power System Scalable for 2U and 3U SystemsMatt RodencalUniversity of Alabama, Huntsville

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